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Dutch running the prison - James Foley

'Prominente Haagse Syriëgangers gedood in Kobani' van filmpje met de titel Oh Oh Aleppo via

#AbuMohammed al-Hollandi / Muhajiri Shaam over Islam & Jihad (deel 1) | via

Prison chief in Aleppo city had been a lanky Dutch Moroccan engineer called Abu Ubaida al-Magribi how many alias could they have?

Soufian Elfassi Abu Talha Al-Maghribi?

Hagenaar aangezien voor Britse beul Jihad John

@FightingJmedia was fighting for alNusra before joining ISIS 

Nederlandse jihadust for isis filmpje 15 jan 2014 Telegraaf

Soufian Elfassi Abu Talha Al-Maghribi

docu Paradijsbestormers -Ik vecht de Jihad

Belgian, Dutch jihadist link

Aleppo Raqqa where journalist were held is the place were @FightingJmedia lives see video Aleppo

Zoek de verschillen 

Engineer and ’Abu Obeidah el Maghreba’ lead the prison where was emprisoned

De link naar #Sharia4Belgium die ook regelmatig in NL kwamen 

Britse journalist Op pad met Nederlandse en Belgische jihadisten in Syrie...: via @YouTube

Britse rapper toch niet beul in video's van onthoofdingen - via @ADnl

Who is Jihadi John? Experts say ISIS executioner is NOT London rapper via @MailOnline

Could it be the jihadist John shown in the video next to James Foley is Dutch?

Prison Boss ISIS Dutch engineer

'Abu el Obeidah Maghreba would set the alias of the Dutch jihadist who leads the prison where the Flemish former jihadist Jejoen Bontinck and the murdered journalist James Foley were locked together.

A Dutch jihadist had a leading role in the IS-prison where the American journalist James Foley was imprisoned. That statment came from the Belgian Jihadi Jejoen Bontinck 

Jejoen his father mr.Bontinck said this to EenVandaag.

The Belgian lawyer Kris Luijckx confirms the story about the Dutchman at IS.

Defense Attorney Luijckx state Jejoen Bontinck (Belgium) which the boy is on trial in a terror trial. 
The role of the leading Dutchman is not clear. The man would have held a high positionheld in the ISIS prison . In the Netherlands the leader from the ISIS prison would have studied engineering 

According to lawyer Luijckx and father of  Jejoen mr. Dimitri Bontinck spent three months in prison IS, along with the American photographer James Foley, who last week was brutally slain by IS . 

Son of mr. Bontinck is a Belgian jihadi wich departed to Syria the  17th to fight against Assad. The case received considerable attention by the search that his father incited to get his son out of Syria him 

ex jihadi Jejoen Bontinck has stated that he was being put in prison because it was leaked that he wanted to return to Belgium so he was pt in a ISIS cell with the photojournalist Foley. This was in an IS-prison where the Dutch jihadist was in the lead. 

Jejoen returned last summer and has to answer before the Belgian courts  in September. In the process, dozens of Belgian terror suspects on trial. Belgian justice and GISS would confirm nor deny the report.

See info #Eenvandaag bron

EenVandaag :: “Nederlandse jihadist leidde gevangenis Foley”

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Shaam al-Malaahim | Q&A | Vraag het een Syriëganger! #vraagsyrie: (video)

In the video  James Foley the alleged killer see picture 

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Fighting Journalists | Oh, Oh, Aleppo " De Spookstad".:


Video James Foley

The video of a British jihadist beheading an American hostage was probably staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, according to forensic analysis.

Footage of James Foley’s death at the hands of a man with a London accent provided a powerful propaganda tool for Islamic State —

Captives held by the Islamic State were waterboarded 

GeenStijl: Yilmaz krijgt uit de pan van CBS-mevrouw -

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