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Het Turkije van Erdogan en isis (bewaar blog)

Goods crossing Turkish border bound for IS 

Is Turkey collaborating with the Islamic State (ISIS)? Allegations range from military cooperation and weapons transfers to logistical support, financial assistance, and the provision of medical services. It is also alleged that Turkey turned a blind eye to ISIS attacks against Kobani.

Turkey's Pivotal Role in 's Insurgency: PressTV Report from Inside 
This investigative report by PressTV's "In Focus" reporter Serena Shim tries to uncover the pivotal role that the Turkish government is playing in the armed terrorist uprising against the Syrian government and its people. From opening its borders so Sunni hardline religious extremists from all over the world can illegally cross into Syria, to supplying them with weapons, funding, food, and shelter, Turkey's Erdogan-led government has been acting as a rogue state, a state-sponsor of terror in every sense of the word.

Turkish military says MIT shipped weapons to al-Qaeda

Turkey's Pivotal Role in Syria's war

Defenders: A young reporter's mysterious death | News - Home #SreneShim #Turkey #Syria Turkish Cops Say Superiors Protected ISIS 

Weapons Smuggling

Battle of Kobani continues as intl. coalition bombs ISIL positions

Turkey Allowed ISIS To Established A Consulate In Ankara With 700 Bureaus Stationed Throughout

Syrian tell story of train filled with ammo delivered to bf battle for (arabic)

documents Turkey hostage change

ISIS uses turkish made weapons
Part of channel(s): Iraq 

The T-122 Sakarya artillery rocket system is a Turkish variant of the BM-21 Grad

Seen since 17 sept 2014 near #Kobani 

Video shows Turkish train carrying weapons, delivered to ISIS in Tel Abyad  

Turkey’s 49 hostages freed in MİT operation, says President Erdoğan - DIPLOMACY via @HDNER

Deputy Sinan Ogan claimed they came via Tel Abyad town, near the ISIL stronghold of Raqqa in Syria. Over a 100 days ago, they were taken captive by the ISIL in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Koerdische leider roept wereld op in te grijpen - Buitenland - VK via @volkskrant (Dutch newspaper)

Turkey refuses to host U.S. anti-ISIS combat missions via @AlArabiya_Eng

US not allowed to use Turkish territory for ISIL rescue mission

Reddingsoperatie journalist Foley mislukt 
Turkije gaf geen toestemming om vliegveld te gebruiken 
Duidelijk dat er een lek zit bij Turkije toen ze aankwamen 
bleken de gijzelaars net 72 uur van tevoren vertrokken

Syria War: refugees at the Turkish border - I | Kiss From The World® #KissFromTheWorld via @LiveTravelling #isis #AlNusra 

Turkish Army Convoy in Syria Passing Through ISIS Checkpoint Near Jarabulus #SYRIE -TURKIJE

Turkije raakt verstrikt in extremistisch web - Buitenland - TROUW via @Trouw

Iraq crisis: Is Turkey's government supporting ISIS? |

Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK Party have a well developed reputation for anti-Semitism and anti-Israel policies generally. But now ties to the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, are emerging. The Jerusalem Postreported one Islamic State member said Turkey, a member of NATO, provided funds for the terrorist group.

Die EU als Rekrutierungszentrum für IS

Mehr als 2000 Personen aus der EU könnten an der Seite der IS-Terrormiliz in Syrien im Einsatz sein, schätzt die EU-Kommission. Die jungen Islamisten reisen nach Informationen von Sicherheitsexperten über Istanbul nach Syrien.

Turkish border smuggling thrives under IS

The Jihadi Gift Shop in Istanbul | Roads & Kingdoms

“Turkey is next,” IS fighters   

Dog! Traitor! - Islamists' Debate on ISIS and Hamas Turns into Exchange ...:

ISIS has 100,000 fighters, growing fast - Iraqi govt adviser

A Turkish official added that the country has already been placing thousands suspected of wanting to join terrorist groups on the ‘no entry’ list – 4,000 last year alone.
Many experts fear that Turkey could become like Egypt, with tourists targeted and terror becoming a usual occurrence. If the IS decides Turkey is an enemy there will be little anyone can do, as the view goes.
Turkey, however, believes that with about 80 nationalities now fighting in Syria and Iraq, being a ‘lone gatekeeper’ is unfair, although it’s in the most favorable position to take up an active role in curtailing the spread of terror in the region, many believe.
Political figures throughout the Middle East and EU continue to allege Turkey’s neglect of the growing problem. One regional leader told the Guardian, “Let’s see how they react to the latest ISIS advance… for more than a year now people have been telling them this has got out of control. They have to seal the border now. This so-called caliphate cannot be allowed to stand.”
According to al-Hashimi, Ankara has no choice now.
"This time Turkey will do something and block the borders because they don't trust ISIS any more after they attacked Kurdistan. They understand now that ISIS could turn on them" he told the newspaper.

Turkish Support for ISIS

The secret jihadi smuggling route through Turkey

Turkey Backs Syrian Rebels Leads To Kurdish Autonomy

rapport over betrokkenheid Turkije bij wandaden ….

Analysis of weapons and ammunition captured from Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria

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