donderdag 23 oktober 2014

RAP 2014 kurdistan محمد سنجاري

How a Kurdish boy thinks

I asked the sender of the video what the boy said

This boy describes how the Yazidi of Sinjar flee from their home and went to the mountain with no food or water and children dying because of thirst they are now living in schools of Kurdistan and refuges

he said " 
I want to go and study so I can help them refuges and let the yazidi go to schools
I have clothes and i can protect myself from the cold but Yazid dont have clothes money to protect themself
from the harsh winter.
He also talked about Kobani (Kobane) how the men and women are fighting to protect their land 
the Peshmerga have to leaving their children because of this childeren miss and cry after them .
He said (ISIS is telling us we are muslim but they are not because islam depends on loving and helping each other, not killing .. the end :)

محمد سنجاري 2014 kurdistan: via @YouTube

RAP 2014 kurdistan-Mohammed

I hope for the childeren they get a free Kurdistan


Kurdistan you are my love you are my land i dont want you to be like the last years when you became a land of blood and Martyrs
They took Sinjar from us But we will not leave it
we will take it once again Yazidi flee from their homes to the mountain without food or or water.. their kids dying on the sands and rocks and their mother leaving them and Her heart is burning of pain

These tears that fall from her eyes Burned our hearts IS cant see the damage that they have made What is that ,, what is that

and they still saying we are Muslims they cant see the tears of mothers they cant feel the pain after all of that you say we are muslim

we just want to live in peace we want to live the life if i am a Muslim or Yazidi or christian there is no different we are all one soul
we are all deserve to live who are you to judge us

Yazidi - sinjar -song

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