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Letter from MP #Donner to NOS media intimidation and threat if they talk about pedo Demmink case

Press Council

Attn Ms Mr. D. C. Koene

Secretaryc / o John. Vermeerstraat 221071 DR Amsterdam

01/20/2004 August 23, 2007

035-6778064 035-6774962 Demmink / Runderkamp, ​​Laroes and NOS News

Considered college,

On 14 January, Mr. Joris Demmink filed a complaint against Lex Runderkamp, ​​editor employed by the NOS-Journal, the undersigned in his capacity as editor of NOS-Journal and,, the medium NOS-Journal (legal personalityFoundation Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) "We will in this letter the substance of the complaint of Mr. Demmink, expressed by Mr. HJA Knijff, go. But first this

For all the NOS-Journal does or fails I possess, as editor, the final responsibility. I think it is about journalistic equivalent of the ministerial responsibility. In that sense, I am directly responsible for everything Lex Runderkamp in this matter has done or failed. In my view it is the logical complaint to me to limit, as no light can sit between what Runderkamp possibly to blame and my full responsibility therefor.through you I would like to ask the complainant's complaint against the Dutch Foundation Broadcasting Foundation to withdraw, and if not you ask him not admissible and wellbased on the following: the Foundation under consideration-there I go off is the least ofdescribed in the Act administrative entity that owns the so-called temporary concession, the organization thatnow known as 'Public Broadcasting', managed by a Board of Directors. The Foundationmanages and controls the entire complex that public broadcasting hot and has no(Final) responsibility for the content of programs.2 23-8-2007 The Foundation is like a holding company or a publishing firm that newspapers and / orpublishes magazines. Through so-called program or editorial statutes is the fullsubstantive independence of foundation or directors (or management) regulated when it comes to the position of editor. The Foundation may, may (and, I so fardown) will not interfere with the operation of journalism in my case the NOSJournaal.This separation of responsibilities (described in our website available program status) is fundamental in journalism. Adopt substantiveresponsibility of the Foundation contested publications is in my view fundamentally undesirable.When it is an assessment of the complaint against the Foundation, I would come to the Councilwant to ask my position to ratify the complaint against the Foundation, notto deal with.However, it would be easier, hence my appeal through you to the complainant, thecomplaint against the Foundation to withdraw. Formally, for me at least-that-importantwhile for the physical handling of the complaint has no meaning, since Iam fully available as editor against whom the complaint focuses; additionally this concerns a disciplinary complaint and no civil proceedings.relevant and interesting course is the content of the complaint, that short and well represent show the NOS-Journal in the case of (anonymous) sources is handled,in the consultations mentioned by Mr. Knijff other announcements than they inconfidentiality of the conversation with us have done.that makes this complaint and that I realize-a difficult. Opposite the denial of Mr.Demmink is another lecture on our part, which I think we do not take lightly the braised information to be passed.The attached articles of Panorama and the gay newspaper, plus the text of the editorial that quoted, I leave out of consideration because,in my opinion, no direct relevance to the complaint against the undersigned.for a good understanding of the process of the Journal in this follow below detailed report on research editor and reporter Lex Runderkamp, ​​which is intensively3 23-8-2007in the present case has occupied. This is a fairly comprehensive statement,a complete picture of the manner of operation of the Journal.In my understanding, in this way supports my contention that our information is not frivolous or conveniently in a broadcast is justified but is based on the statements of a relevant news source from the leadership of the media concerned."Top official of justice Joris Demmink withdrew in 2000 the attention of the research editors of the Journal. In March of that year we did an investigation into whether Belgian Marc Dutroux affair had branches in the Netherlands. It was the time when the Zandvoort child pornography case had flared up again and the media for the layers at the door Belgian group Morkhoven. The name Joris Demmink me was mentioned in discussions with investigators. Who reported a study in 1998 had turned from a secret location in Utrecht: a study of a network of senior officials, two senior officers, a former minister, a former lawyer of the Queen and a single professor who would have sex with underage boys. The investigation was initiated on appointment of the Board of Procurators General - impelled by the Chief Amsterdam Vrakking.Demmink played an important role in this research. Investigators had suspected these top official information about the investigation was passed on to a of the main suspects, the Amsterdam professor Van R., with whom he was friends. The professor had thus managed to avoid prosecution, so thought the detectives. The entire called embargo investigation - in the view of the judiciary and police officers - on the rocks because tracing information to the accused had landed on top officials.So we were informed about the fact that the position of Demmink in the top of Justice already been the subject of national debate. Upon his appointment as Secretary-General inventoried and examined the AIVD about forty rumors about the lifestyle of Demmink.Lacked hard evidence. So the GISS issued a statement of "no objection" to the appointment. But the suspicion of nota bene judicial staff against Joris Demmink is always exist, we know from our own research in the Journal.October 8, 2003 Panorama and publish the gay community their story about the top official. The Journal provides for access to the text but decides not to publish. Because the blade scan no convincing sources cite the allegations to substantiate. Nova sets the4 23-8-2007 national issue on the media agenda with the Krol interview. But we cling to the line that first real news should arise.however, following the research editor of the issue closely. For we know that there are so many 'smoke' is on the top official that the case was politically could explode. Thus we find in the next day that the editors Hitzert and Krol on Sunday, October 19 at home Demmink are talking. Without lawyers. Remarkably such private meeting with the man home on Sunday while the official line of justice is that the blades are harshlybe. We hear the next day that the interview Demmink not want to see printed in the Gay Newspaper and Panorama. The News Post anything about this failed reconciliation operation.The media always talk about "a top official" of justice. Minister Donner threatens all media to sue the officer further identification. The ANP says:"Justice Minister Donner sees no reason to investigate. "There is no trace of smoke, let alone fire, "said Donner in a reaction. The seething Minister criticized in the Radio 1 News' this form of journalism on rumors based '. He qualified the piece as "mudslinging."The spokesman of Minister Donner, Annemarie Stordiau, announces a strong reaction of Justice. Lawyers see how the two magazines can be addressed. This spokesman line is taut continued although we know that the only part of thetruth. For example, we know that Henk Krol secretly approached by an officer of justice.The journalistic moment for the news breaks on 14 October 2003. The boys prostitute Frank L. makes formal declaration justice against Demmink. Spokespersons both parquet Den Bosch as the Board of Procurators General in The Hague confirm formally opposite the Journal that the national department is switched to the indictment investigations. Declaration against the highest official of Justice news, we believe the Journal. Therefore we speak not about concealing "a top official", like mostmedia do. This declaration is directed against the Secretary-General's relevant. So that Post the journal without also named Joris Demmink use. For that name is irrelevant. It is a short message of 80 seconds, no correspondent in picture, not too strongly charged.5 23-8-2007 The media will then assume that Justice now the news comes as we approach the"Top official" have changed in the "Secretary-General". The minister had said sothat he was "threatening legal action if the name of the public official concerned wouldbe made "(ANP).But Mr. Knijff, the lawyer from Demmink, take it on the radio for the news. "The News reports on the events of today (the declaration / LRU). This is no more than normal. "Two days later Justice reports that the declaration has been withdrawn. The boys prostitute would admitted that he had made a false statement. The News reported that development right away during the afternoon newscasts. And the evening reports the news that the declaration according to justice is false. The research editors have an extra check is performed.That same afternoon, through an intermediary the message came that the declarant Frank L.denies that he has made a false declaration. He'd been put under pressure to be Notice to withdraw. I met the boy in Cromvoirt, half an hour for eight hoursjournal. Logistics is everything ready - cameras, microwave links, etc. If this witness himself can demonstrate that Justice does not tell the whole truth, then we have assertion broadcast, so the editors agreed. Beforehand we decidethe evening news to skip, because the important assessment of the reliabilityof the source should not be made hastily. After a long conversation I judge myself that Frank L. this evening no convincing story to tell. He stressed, confused,suspicious, wants to justify himself. So the evening newscasts are limited to there ported that the declaration against the top official is withdrawn exactly the same way as all other media do. Frank L. his case has now been placed in the hands of lawyer Hammer from Amsterdam. Justice runs that afternoon or at full speed towards the media. Not half an hour after Frank L. has withdrawn his statement goes a press release. This press release has been prepared earlier in the day while Frank L. still be heard, declare spokespersons the Board of Procurators later towards us. Annemarie Stordiau unsolicited calls me with a reaction of Minister Donner (who lives abroad). It indicates that everything in Justiceits power to the image of the top official repair.6 23-8-2007 Three days later, on Sunday, October 19, sits Demmink home to talk with Henk Krol and Frank Hitzert. The call came about thanks to the mediation of someone who is "Fred Baker "calls, an officer of justice (main fleet) in the weekend on behalf of the Secretary-General made contact with Henk Krol! The News has finalizedan email correspondence between Demmink Hitzert and editor of Panorama,showing that the contact "behind closed doors" as the journal in the disputed broadcast called, actually took place on 19 October.Demmink wants rectify the blades, the blades do not want that. They just want reply retrieve the previous article. There is an interview Sunday that typed. Some quotes from the original text to Demmink is mailed.QUOTE7 23-8-2007UnquoteQUOTEUnquoteThese "good friend" was the Dutch ambassador in Prague in those years, to give Demmink in the conversation.8 23-8-2007bThe blades keep Demmink that the owner of the Pinocchiobar and a driver ofthe club Demmink recognized on a photo. Demmink says:UnquoteQUOTEThat is one of the "young men" which the Journal speaks.Demmink late Hitzert that he disagrees with the interview.Demmink dispute the facts shown. He had expected a rectification.9 23-8-2007 We expect Demmink now to the right will take steps. However, because none of the parties a clear message we do not step into the Journal.On November 5 appears after the last call at the office of Mr. Knijff in the presenceof all lawyers, the somewhat androgynous main editorial of the two blades withas an introduction to the "time to agree to talk." It's not a real correction, but there is note: "We conclude that our original sources from which the impression was given that he (the top official) has been guilty of improper conducthave proved to be unreliable. "Shortly before 5 November though I get a call from a source, which I already many details provided on the matter. Who says there is noise on the editorial, because editors understand not that their blades must rectify while Demmink in his interviews admittedhe falls on young men. (The editors mention apparently not on their own editors).I find that a striking feature in the story. Because it would explain why so Demminkoperates in this matter. Why he leaves no legal tackles. The spokesman Donner had already told me: "I have advised him to use legal meanshard to hit back, but he does not want that. "In order to check this fact I am calling "the Journal Source '. Stakeholders have to promise that they never go out will bring about the "deal" with Demmink, made on 30 October 2003 at the office of Mr. Knijff. Who fears the deal violates legal consequences. So I can not say with whom I have spoken. The News will not be sources specify. But the journalistic method of the Journal to assessis important to know that we have firsthand information received by one of the editors (or both).10 23-8-2007I'll call the Journal Source that first asks for confidentiality and then begins to tell. He immediately says: "I am against my will become part of a coverup." I note thatin my notebook and leave it during the call to all my fellow Robert Bass show. The black parts protecting the source.11 23-8-2007Above in my notebook is:I now part coverup No official in Anne FrankpI have eggs for my money selected I'm not "the official"In the AFP been.Hammer, letter Justice040-2908000 home Krol The Chief Interior of the Journal, Edith Janmaat, can confirm that a call Source Journal of the place, because I report it via the computer during the call:12 23-8-2007"Have XXX now on the line." Edith looks at me and smiles. She had told me the editors wanted to say anything in days.13 23-8-2007 Soon I interrupt source, because of everything he told me I must be silent, as have we agreed. I want to tell him so (and check) I've heard that Demmink has admitted in an interview with the editors that he is young men. The News Source confirms it directly. Demmink has three young men called by name shaming, including the Czech friend who twenty years younger than him. The Czechhe met during his many visits to Prague. The boy was a porn star ingay movies. The vulnerability of the senior civil servant, as was shown in private conversation behind closed doors, lies in that his club visits in Prague can not exclude that he ever slept with a minor. He never deliberately outbeen, but it can not be excluded. He might also have said, I try to check in at the News Source, that he always asked for the age. This also confirms the source. That Demmink has said when the conversation was about Fons Spooren. Demmink could the argument that he never asked Spooren the age of the prostitute's boys had asked very good to steal. Demmink can not exclude that the same happened to him.I realize that I have arrived at an important point. The attachment of the News source explains why no top official at the court stepped. It explainswhy the top official tries to arrange everything through togethers. So I put the source for me there in the Journal reported wants to make. Unless the blades publicly to deny that this was said behind closed doors.The News source promises reporting in the Journal at this point not to deny.But it can not go publicly confirm.I call on November 5 Demmink's lawyer, Mr. Knijff. We carry a fairly long conversation.I explain to him that I find it a problem to me to be limited to the simple message that the sheets have corrected. The matter is complicated, I say. I tell about all I know about Demmink to the lawyer, including the secret Utrecht research. This to my point to emphasize that it is indeed of 'smoke' around the SG (which the Ministerdenies). The secret research, yes, that knows Mr. Knijff. "But that has nothing to do headed? "Of course, I expect that the lawyer will deny that behind closed doors something is admitted. But I also know of the journal source that the lawyer can not, on thatmeetings attended. I ask him to confirm. Mr. Knijff recognizes thathis client without legal counsel with the chief has spoken. "So Ido not know what this is discussed, "he admits.14 23-8-2007 In general, he denies that Demmink like sex with minors would have had.I say that I am quite willing to accept that, but the point is that the top official in a lifestyle which he did not rule out that it sometimes has gone wrong. That he was not always theage would have asked "oh what the news to them?" asks Knijff. If we,heterosexuals, a young woman meet, we do not ask how old she is? Theis a strange conversation. But a crisp denial, based on facts, it is not. The message from the lawyer: I was not there and my client denies everything.I have deliberately chosen the private lawyer Demmink to comment questions,not the Ministry. It is after all, the private life of the officer. Yet I am within half an hour called by the spokesperson of the Minister, Annemarie Stordiau. They claims to know that I just talked with Knijff. He found it a pleasant conversation, says it, but he is not sure that everything will be okay. I confirm that. I explain to her that the line of the journal will be: the blades are now caved in, but the lackof the announced legal action has to do with the past of thetop official. He's just not blameless. That hinders him to the position SG also legally hard to keep clean.The vulnerability of the SG is also reflected in a quote that Panorama and the gay community recorded during the prohibited interview:This also illustrates the vulnerability of the highest official of Justice.The News message that night on the sheets that the knees are gone. In the final paragraph I explain why the matter settled amicably. That is the disputed paragraph at the end of the story emerges because interpretation is. If the behavior of Demmink by itselfnewsworthy had found would be at the beginning of the journal message have been.15 23-8-2007 Mr. Knijff call immediately after eight hours and protested that the Journal suggests that his clientsex with minors. I refer to the literal text, which is absolutely not.His client can not exclude, that's what the Journal claims. And that makes the caseresolved amicably. But Mr. Knijff insists the Journal suggests that the SG sexwith minors. To him a favor, I say to convene in the later broadcast explicitlyin the last paragraph to mention that of "improper conduct" never showed.The debate that evening touches the core of our quarrel. According Demmink has the Journal claimed that he would have had sex with minors. That's the misconception. The News has only to say that the issue with the blades resolved amicably because a)sheets were unable to prove their facts and b) Demmink feel vulnerable about his private life.After publication in the Journal we get, like the blades, due to the double face Joris Demmink. Outwardly the message in the Journal contested, but internally Demmink to send a chat. First, it invites us to rectify because theeditors would deny us talking to. That refuses the Journal.Then do not rectify the Journal but only the opportunity to give Mr.Knijff to the Journal - a few days later - to say that his client is not thereports agree. That we refuse. Subsequently, the proposal to include in a reporton the issue Anne Frank Plantsoen (the court does later that week rule) casually take the top official does not agree with the previous report in the Journal that he young men and is not always the age asked. We do mr Knijff not even to interview. Also that refuses the Journal. Then announces mr Knijff "firmer legal action "s. We say that with confidence. "So far the report of Lex Runderkamp, ​​which I would like to make the following Adding.The relevance of the publication by the complainant questioned. Naturally We have considered whether cases an apparently private nature, is a place in the disclosure should find. We have, given the significant position of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice, the highest official of the so department where laws are prepared and made into law and moral frameworks be established, to be sincere publication should proceed: his performance would 16 23-8-2007 undoubtedly be precarious if their personal doings and discussion would stand and therefore may affect the operation of the department.I think, and I mean, otherwise a difficult decision, who also starred in the case Oudkerk, because I realize what the implications of continuing publicity for the personal and working conditions of people who are interested in ouraffected. This aside.Mr. Demmink you ask us to request your pronunciation in broadcasts of the NOS Journaalto reveal, I suppose in summary form.As you probably know, the NOS-Journal called the covenant with the Council not signed, we have objections to our eyes wide automatism that statementsin the medium itself should be published (unless there are compelling interests that dictate otherwise). The covenant switches at this point in essence, I think the least-ultimate responsibility of the editor for publications in his or her medium tovery and is therefore not suited to the television medium.I attach, however, in this case has already explained that, if the Council's complaint mrDemmink follows the NOS-Journal that statement (in summary form) will publish in theown broadcast. That seems to me a matter of fair play. I assume that Mr. Demmink the will agree with me that publication in the Journal may be omitted if the complaint is rejected.Finally, the full text of the judgments of the Supreme Court, we publish, as far as they NOS-Journal relate naturally, always on our website, which since May 15, 2003 activeis.Based on the above, I would insist that the NOS-Journal rightly and properlyhas operated, and I call on the Council's complaint mr Demmink reject.


Hans LaroesEditor NOS News

Raw translation orginal Dutch letter  

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