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Davutoglu false flag attack #Turkey

It seems very likely that the Turks with the training and arming of ISIS have created for the long-desired attack on Syria. Perfect false flag

Inspector Says Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons, Not (May 2013):

The Turkish parliament is debating on Thursday on military intervention in Syria. Erdogan stated that ISIS can not be destroyed. Single by airstrikes That is why he is considering to send. Turkish army Syria "The assumption that Turkey will intervene militarily in any case is wrong. Will other countries to protect our borders? No, we will protect our borders themselves. "

Erdogan explained that the priorities of Turkey are located at a no-fly zone and a buffer zone in northern Syria, and the training and arming of "freedom fighters" in their fight against ISIS. The buffer zone, which in cooperation with other countries should be created in the region is also the return of 1.5 million Syrian refugees residing in Turkey at this time.

Erdogan happy with American air strikes

"Maybe in Syria must be new towns for them to be set up," said Erdogan, who showed very content with the American intervention in the region. Without air strikes northern Iraq would now be in the hands of the terrorists, said the president, and would the Kurdish border town Kobane in Syria conquered by ISIS.

"Turkey will also do everything his duty," he promised. Meanwhile, three policemen were in southeastern Anatolia slain when their vehicle with guns and rocket launchers was attacked by the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK. (1)

Want Assad overthrow Turks

Turkey has been two years looking for a pretext to attack Syria. Within The relations between Ankara and Washington were even very tense when Obama last September at the last moment renounced a military attack on Syria. The Turks necessarily want President Assad disappears, and then want to replace it with an Islamist government in which the Muslim Brotherhood should play a major role.

The independent American investigative journalist Semour Hersh, winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, wrote in the spring a controversial article in which he stated that Turkey was behind the poison gas attack in Damascus last year, and that the Turks working directly with the Islamist rebels of Al-Nusra / Al Qaeda. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan also would give WMD to Al Qaeda and like to put in order to provoke an attack on Syria. USA a false-flag attack on rope


Hersh 'conclusions were confirmed by a leaked phone call in which Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the current prime minister, the possibility of a false-flag rocket attack in Syria discussed to thereby justify. Turkish invasion Senior generals would have leaked because they were fiercely opposed by the call.

When the American-Turkish-Arab attack plans had to be canceled by the powerful arrangement of Russia, the Turks began to train now ISIS shapes. Supported by the CIA jihadists On August 21, we placed a video of an ISIS training camp in Turkey. In March we reported on IS (IS) training camps in the Turkish places Orfa, Ghazi Antab (Gaziantep) and Antakia (Antioch).

Ottoman aspirations

Erdogan IS required for the nationalist Arab governments-and if it can also bring the Israëlische- overturned after the Islamic Caliphate can be swallowed by Turkey so he can fulfill his dream. Recovered from the Ottoman Empire The end of June the great Turkish Today's Zaman newspaper wrote that "it is no coincidence that some followers of Erdogan believe he is a Caliph that Islamic Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire wants to resurrect. It is no coincidence that Erdogan's goal of "The Great Turkey" to be completed ... 'in 2023

'Caliphate led from Turkey'

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the antisemitic spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose Egypt runaway leaders a safe haven found in Istanbul confirmed this summer in an interview with TV Turkia the central role of Turkey (2): "We came to Turkey for the Fourth Meeting of the Union of Muslim clerics in Istanbul, the capital of the Islamic Caliphate, "he said. "Turkey is the Khilafah State and Istanbul is the capital."

That was also the main reason that al-Qaradawi precisely in Istanbul the establishment of a pan-Islamic, the Sharia-based Muslim confederation announced, which will be led from Turkey. As we have explained, this is often the beginning of the formation of the Bible foretold final end-time empire of 'the beast'. The re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire is the "beast of his deadly wound (sustained in 1914, when the Turkish Ottoman Empire collapsed) healed" (Revelation 13).

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Hakan Fidan & Ahmet  l SAVAŞ PLANI 2.Kısım (ŞOK SES KAYDI): 

"Turkish state is behind attacks"

Turkey's Insane False Flag Plot to Start a War with Syria | Weapons of Mass Distraction

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