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copy euro inventor Zalm

Copy of my column on today on my page about 'Prevention of casino banking' on Google+ - Philippe Blankert 10 sep 2012
(the 'rotten ethical attitude' is best illustrated by casinobankers as Lehman, an attitude already described in the 1989 novel 'Liar's Poker' by Michael Lewis, a very enjoyable novel, unfortunately with a truth even the writer was not aware of when writing).
Casinobanking is one issue, the biggest issue, and it illustrates a lack of responsibility and accountability towards clients.
The ethical attitude of many bankers was since a long time already 'rotten': the book is so funny, as a novel, that I strongly recommend you to read 'Michael Lewis': 'Liar's Poker' - from 1989 (! 17 years before casinobaner Lehman went bankrupt - alarm lights should have gone of, within financial authorities and governments). You can read it on the beach, in bed, it is very amusingly written and full of humor. But it makes the point of: 'rotten ethics'.
Casinobanking is one form of 'rotten bank ethics'.
Another form, very popular in the Netherlands, is called 'bijzonder beheer'. In English: 'special treatment'. It is exactly possible in the Netherlands, because regarding consumer protection, banking etc., the Netherlands is centuries behind vs. the US or UK. The UK had its first banking law in 1694, the Netherlands in 1998, 2 sheets of paper, only protecting banks, made by ex-Minister Gerrit Zalm, later euro-inventor, and now CEO of Abn Amro that went bankrupt but was bought by the Dutch state.
'Bijzonder beheer' or 'special treatment' happens at the 'bottom side' of the bank: either with people who get too poor, in their eyes, or just people they do not like, as was the case with me. The whole board of directors knows about this practice, Peter Wakkie, lawyer and 'Raad van Toezicht' and responsible for corporate governance knows about it, Boele Staal, chairman of the association of Dutch banks knows it, the authority of financial markets AFM knows about it, and even the freshly appointed new director of DNB, 'De Nederlandsche Bank', Klaas Knot, knows about it. I have all correspondence, and I found appr. 100.000 other households, in the Netherlands, to whom happen the same. Ask 'Occupy' and you get all stories and files.
Inventors of these practices are johan.van.hall@abnamro.com, and daughter Solveon, eef.brouwer@solveon.nl. Police and justice protect Abn Amro, and I was not allowed by police to report the visit of 3 'fighters' from Abn Amro who unexpectedly visited me at home, and of which I have pictures - there visit was meant to knock me and intimidate me, but as they saw how tall I was, they backed off a little. One Abn Amro man, 'security man' Marten van Altena, physically intruded my house but I was able to punch him out by a direct left on his nose.
This all illustrates the totally interwoven rotten mentality of banking and authorities in the Netherlands. This counts for Abn Amro and ING. Rabobank is more correct. Banks with criminal ethics as Abn Amro and ING should be taken off their banking license in my opinion, and never be allowed to play a role on the European stage / EU / ESF / ESM. Also Minister Jan Kees de Jager knows of these practices - he belongs to the basket of rotten Dutch banking appels as well.
I can give you all files and details, of myself and others, but they are mostly in Dutch, seldom in English. There have been TV programs in the Netherlands about these practices, so a significant part of the Dutch population knows about it (which means there is a huge change for honest, correct banks to set foot on the ground in the Netherlands. A friend of mine, Dick Scheringa, who had a bank DSB but was 'lynched' by the corrupt others who suddenly took away his banking license after which the bank went corrupt, fortunately he knew to save enough private money for himself) can tell you all ins and outs of the Dutch situation. I can connect you with him, I know all his private details etc. But he must agree, and because I regard him as friend, on a EU level lifelong strong police protection (non Dutch police) must be installed around his house, otherwise the whole Dutch club of corrupt bankers will make sure he gets an 'accident'.
With a few others, we made a summary in English of what 'bijzonder beheer' or 'special treatment' entails. Here we go. Here on Google+ I include Germans that I find very honest: Angela Merkel, Wagenknecht, Jürgen Trittin, Gúnther Jauch, President of France François Hollande, President of UK David Cameron. Bundespresident Gaucke is unfortunately not on Google+. I made a print of all audience. Unfortunately, the European Banking Aithority (full at work since 2010, although journalists write: will work from 2013 on.
I hope the right people and bankers, with an attitude of 'servantship towards humankind and planet' will pick up and follow up on this issue, as I accidently find other things far more interesting than banking.
You can reach me on Google+ (the by far most intelligent social medium) and private email address philippe.blankert@mensa.nl- 10 September 2012. Honest politicians and governors: thank you for following up on the totally rotten banking situation in the Netherlands, I think you should replace ALL involved, including Gerrit Zalm, Johan van Hall, Boele Staal, Klaas Knot, Minister De Jager (who looks honest but is false as....fill out). If you want more confirmation, I will connect my friend Dick Scheringa, but if he wants to tell even more inside info, you must protect him lifelong. The Netherlands is no real democracy, extremely corrupt, and has a non-elected Queen or King who elects all judges.
The issue of 'special treatment' is worth talking about in the EU and European Banking Authority, THOUGH, the issue of casinobanking whilst having a banking license is more important. Mercedes, to give an example, may gamble whatever it wants - it is just not very social towards its employees and towards current Mercedes owners who needs repair and replacement.
But a bank, who has custody over people's money, that goes gambling has forgotten all feeling for responsibility towards humankind and is in ethical sense, criminal. All professionals working in a casinobank hunting for higher bonusses in order to quicker leave their jobs and buy a chalet in Switzerland regardless of the consequences of the money of their clients they have in custody, through the PRIVILEGE of having a banking license, are in maybe not in juridicak, but in ethical and biblical sense, outright criminals. See also all the cross references of the bible regarding interest rates, on this page. Of course there also exist very ethical bankers - I mention as examples Berliners Sparkasse and family member Timo Pietila (Finland).
Here is the sumary of the outside Netherlands lesser known practice of 'SPECIAL TREATMENT'.
- practices of banks in Netherlands
What is 'special treatment' by banks? (in the Netherlands)
This text is written in English, to inform banking people and bank citizens in other countries.
The banklaw in the Netherlands (former Minister Zalm) is very thin (2 sheets) and contains no comsumer protection whatsoever. This is done ON PURPOSE, by the banking sector, so they play around with clients and extinct money whenever a bank is in the mood (based on their own endless terms and conditions).
A Dutch bank can a) just be in the mood to hand over a client to the 'special treatment' department of its bank, or to a daughter who perforns this (like Abn's 100% daughter Solveon). Bank put a client there a) simply when they dislike him b) or handover the client to 'special treatment' when the try to make a cilent bankrupt in order to gain maximum money on the executed house.

Consumer rights

In the Netherlands, no right at all is formulated in order to:
- get bank slips of a bank account
- close a bank account
- protest againt deductions from the bank
- protest against in indication in the BKR-register, after which you can have no credit cards anymore and no loans nowhere for at least 5 years
protect you from smug coming to your door beating you up.

Special treatment tricks include
bank says the will close bank accounts but do not; you get no bank slips, all money that comes in is immediately taken by the bank without you seeing it (for example a reimbursement from tax, that uses last years account, that should be closed,but of which you get no bank slips so miss your money)
the bank sells your investment portfolio at a very bad moment, or says
- nothing is left of it
- erratic costs deducted
- erratic debt agencies visit you with amounts and services you do not understand
- bank never tries to come to an ending; they treat it like a process, as if it is certain that you are going to die, but until then they want to squeeze out of you every penny they can
- every month: erratic and surely overrated statments of arrears in mortgage payment
- the bank never make overviews, never puts figures in table, but write in semi-legaul language with numbers put everwhere in order to create chaos
make you as insecure as possible
- the bank makes enties into the BKR registry without letting you know, and you having no right of protesting. This BKR notification makes it imossible you get money. loans, credit card or bank account somewhere else in the country
- they inform you of execution of the house as late as possibly
the house is, on the auction, sold at a as low possible price, so you still have maximal debt and they can further make money on you, the debtor.
Often a befriended sollicitor or a daughter company buys your house at a very low price, and then puts it on the market again 3 weeks later for 70.000 euro more
- let gangs come at your door to intimidate you.
- you have to pay your lawyer yourself, but starting with a lawyer may mean accelerating your own bankruptcy: whether you win or loose, you pay your own lawyer (fair he, against a bank, and only common law supporting you?). If you are right, the banks tries to go higher up; if you are wrong, more costs are on you anyway. You will (unless you are multimillionnaire) never be able to compete with the bank on lawyer costs. The further you are in the process, the more files are new lawyer has to study which also dirves up the bills....like the not making of overviews by the bank.
In general, while 'special treatmant' goes on, a bank never answers your letters, hangs up on the phone etc. so you cannot communicate. They want to communicate one way: severe (and wrong) letters to your address, suggesting they often repeated, that you never replied, that they offered mediation or alternatives (all: not true). If you go to your own bank office to talk it through, you are handed over to security and put outside, an a police statement is being made you became violent in the bank office. Enough bank witnesses to confirm, the police believes the bank (of course) and you are prosecuted for violence. It is a truly hyocrit game, becoming a top banker in the Netherlands.....
These practices are done at the highest skilled level by amongs Solveon director Brouwer in the Netherlands, with the help of COO Johan van Hall (you need the help of a COO for all those semi sleeping accounts on which you make money as a bank).
All these practices are currently in place, June 2012, in the Netherlands with Abn Amro, Fortis, ING and Rabobank.
Here is a documentary about a Rabobank client who killed himself in suicide, because he felt so initimidated and bereft:

The whole Dutch bankworld know about above practices, including Minister Kees Jan de Jager, AFM, DNB, steering boards of banks mentioned.......they do nothing about this Medevial practices. This makes that Dutch bank and no Dutch banker at all has the integrity required for European work.
Except maybe smaller banks where these complaints are never heard: Friesland Bank (but now Rabobank) - SNS - Triodos.

1) Europe, please help Netherlands, the low lands, out of these medieval practices
2) never admit Abn, Fortis, ING or Rabo to European Union Banking, nor as organisations, nor as persons coming from those organisations, they fully miss integrity.

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